Launching a prevention and early intervention program like FAST® can seem daunting. You’re wondering where to begin, what resources you’ll need, and how to run the program correctly and efficiently. We have reassuring news for you:

You are not in this alone.

You can turn to Families & Schools Together, Inc. for the expertise and support to build a FAST Program that’s scientifically proven to help children, families and communities thrive. Having established thousands of programs in 20 countries around the world, we’ve developed a straightforward process to help you launch FAST efficiently.

Our program staff is dedicated to helping you with every aspect of launching and running FAST – from budget projections and logistical advice to recommendations for building the FAST Team, and introducing FAST to community and school leaders. In addition, Families & Schools Together, Inc. will provide you with training, educational materials and supplies.

Families & Schools Together, Inc. will help you implement FAST, according to evidence-based practices that produce life-changing positive outcomes. To get started, discover how FAST has made a difference and how it can change the lives of those in your school and/or community in our brochure.


54% teacher outcome
54% of teachers report improvement of parental school involvement.
48% parent graphic
48% of parents say they experience less conflict at home.