A defining feature of FAST is its rigorous evaluation process, which provides statistically significant data to measure progress, make continuous improvements, and sustain FAST into the future.

Pre- and post-surveys of FAST Parents and teachers provide data needed to identify and quantify changes in family relationships, children’s behavior and academic performance, and parental engagement. Upon completion, the evaluation data is summarized in a comprehensive Evaluation Report that provides site-specific findings, and compares the results to the national average of FAST Programs running across the United States.

The clear, scientifically valid data contained in the Evaluation Report:

  • clearly depicts the benefits participants gained by participating in FAST;
  • helps FAST Teams identify opportunities for improvement when running future FAST Cycles; and
  • shows key stakeholders, principals and funders the positive effects of FAST, making the Evaluation Report an invaluable tool for enlisting support, securing funds, and sustaining FAST

To learn more about the FAST Evaluation Process, please email us or call toll-free 888-629-2481.