Life-changing transformations for children through parent engagement and family strengthening

Within weeks, FAST® (Families & Schools Together) produces far-reaching, statistically significant positive outcomes that persist and even increase over time.

Since 1988, FAST® has transformed families and improved the lives of children across cultures, languages and socio-economic classes in 20 countries around the world. Built on evidence-based practices and rigorously tested, the 8-week FAST parent empowerment program and two-year FASTWORKS® parent-led sessions consistently produce statistically significant improvements in children’s behavior, emotional well-being, and academic performance while building social capital among families, schools and communities.

The results speak for themselves.

At hundreds of sites involving thousands of families, FAST has been shown to:

Improve the quality of children’s lives 

  • Better parent/child relationships 
    • 67% of FAST Parents say they have a better relationship with their FAST Child
  • More positive relationships with peers
    • 43% of FAST Graduate Parents and 40% of teachers say that FAST Children engage in more prosocial behaviors
    • 40% of FAST Graduate Parents and 33% of teachers say that FAST Children have fewer problems with peers
  • Fewer emotional symptoms and better conduct
    • 19% fewer emotional symptoms, 17% fewer conduct problems and 12% less hyperactivity among FAST Children, according to FAST Graduate Parents
    • Overall impact of children’s behavior difficulties declines by 30%, according to FAST Graduate Parents

Strengthen families and empower parents

  • Family conflict declines by nearly 20%
  • 49% of FAST Parent Graduates say that they are better able to care for and nurture their child
  • 45% of FAST Parent Graduates feel that their family is more cohesive

Help schools succeed

  • Better school performance with fewer problem behaviors
    • Teachers report that FAST improves children’s academic performance, attendance and attitude toward school
  • More positive interactions between parents and teachers
    • 45% of parents report improvements in parent to school contact
    • 45% of teachers say they have better relationships with parents
    • 21% of teachers report sending fewer negative reports home to parents
  • Increased parental school involvement
    • 53% of parents say they’re more involved in their children’s education
    • 54% of teachers see noticeable improvements in parental school involvement
  • Fewer emotional symptoms and behavior problems among FAST Children
  • Promotion of school safety
    • FAST builds protective factors among children and families, increases social capital, and cultivates trusting relationships
    • This leads to the reduction of social marginalization, social isolation, and stress of families

Build social capital

  • Improved relationships among parents
    • 70% of FAST Parent Graduates report improvement in total social relationships.
    • 46% increase in reciprocal social support among FAST Graduate Parents
  • Improved community relationships and knowledge of community resources
    • 64% of parents report improvement in community relationships
  • Better knowledge of the impact and management of drug and alcohol abuse
    • 28% of parents report a better understanding of the negative effects of alcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse
    • 31% of parents report improvement in their ability to recognize addiction
    • 33% of parents report improvement in knowing where to get help if addicted


FAST Graduation

FAST®: Holistic and Systemic Impact

Because FAST builds social capital among families and within communities, its impact is uniquely holistic and systemic – accruing benefits that extend beyond the effects of traditional categorical programs.

For example, a community that chooses to implement exemplary, evidence-based approaches to reduce school failure, truancy, delinquency and drug addiction could require four different programs for the same children. In contrast, the community can accomplish the same multiple categorical outcomes by implementing the FAST Program – a single, positive prevention/early intervention program that builds stronger relationships in families and among the existing social structures of schools and communities.

In FAST, I learned to value every moment with your kids, and to be involved in every school activity.

-FAST Graduate Parent, Almira Elementary, Cleveland, OH