“My student has become more responsible and tries his best in everything he does....”

He has more initiative and enjoys working. FAST is an asset to this school, students, and parents.

“[One family] consists of a stay at home dad and working mom...”

Dad feels that mom works too much and wanted to join FAST for Family unity. At first, Mom was very reserved and preoccupied. She even brought paperwork to complete during the meal during night one. Throughout the sessions, Mom relaxed…

“In a matter of two months this child has blossomed...”

…He is confident and actively participates in school. He has also made gains academically in Reading and Math.

“Her enthusiasm made FAST a more enjoyable experience for everyone....”

At the pre-FAST home visit, one mom said that she was motivated to join FAST because she had been in FAST with her family when she was a child and remembered the positive experiences she had. Even though she struggled…

“It has made me feel more welcome in the community....”

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