Families & Schools Together, Inc., is the non-profit organization whose mission is to nurture the inherent potential of every child by uniting families, schools, and communities. From our international headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin, we support the efforts of FAST Teams around the world to promote family well-being and help children thrive by building stronger, more supportive relationships at home.

We exist to ensure that every family who participates in FAST gains all the benefits that the program is designed to provide. Through our office, FAST Teams gain access to the guidance, training and program materials they need to run a successful FAST Program, whether it’s their first FAST Cycle or their fiftieth.

Families & Schools Together, Inc. was founded in 1988 by scientific researcher and Professor of Social Work Dr. Lynn McDonald. Built on evidence-based practices and rigorously tested, FAST consistently produces statistically significant improvements in children’s behavior, emotional well-being, and academic performance while increasing social capital among families, schools and communities.