“We were convinced the FAST Program strengthened families and the parent-child bond. It improved the academic performance of children in school.” 

Official from the Ministry of Public Education, Uzbekistan


Since 1988, Families and Schools Together has transformed families and improved the lives of children across cultures, languages and socio-economic classes around the world. In more than 20 countries – from Australia to Central Asia and Scotland to Brazil – FAST® has been rigorously tested and proven effective in strengthening bonds between parents and children, increasing children’s success in school, reducing the stress and isolation of families, and decreasing the risk of drug and alcohol abuse. Learn more about the statistically significant outcomes of FAST.


Universal Values: Why FAST® Works Everywhere

One key to the worldwide success of FAST is the program’s universal values – especially the belief that all parents love their children and want the very best for them. Respect and empowerment for parents is woven into every aspect of the FAST Program.

Another important contributor to the program’s far-reaching impact is its adaptability to local circumstances. Up to 60% of FAST programming can and should be adapted to suit the needs and priorities of the locale. In addition, the teams who run FAST Programs at the local level must reflect the culture, ethnicity, language, gender balance and social class of the families being served.

As a result of its research foundation and evidence-based practices, FAST has produced consistent positive outcomes around the world, and is particularly effective at reaching low-income, stressed and isolated families. In fact, FAST has one of the highest retention rates among early intervention parenting skills programs: 80% of families who attend one session will successfully complete the entire 8-week program.

To learn more contact the international headquarters, Families and Schools Together, Inc., in Madison, Wisconsin.


“(FAST) allows parents to get involved in school in a way they wouldn’t have necessarily done before … It is a recipe for success in enhancing the school community.”

Head Teacher, United Kingdom


FAST® International Partners







Middlesex University, London

A FAST UK Office has been established at Middlesex University to coordinate training of FAST Implementation Teams and Trainers with the intent of creating a lasting legacy for early intervention and parental support throughout the United Kingdom. Working in partnership with Save the Children, UK,  FAST is being implemented in schools across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Save the Children has adopted FAST as one of four  signature programs addressing child poverty in the UK.

FAST, United Kingdom

FAST at Middlesex University



FAST® in Australia

A FAST Office was established in Australia in 1996, and the FAST Program has since been implemented across the country. FAST delivery has been successful in the remotest of Indigenous communities in Australia through to schools and families in our capital cities.

FAST in Australia is currently overseen by an Alliance as part of a partnership between three organisations, strategically located across the country. Each member has solid FAST experience, each having 10 years+ of FAST experience in a range of contexts.