Families & Schools Together, Inc. Receives $10,000 Grant Award from the Healthier Wisconsin Partnership Program


Families & Schools Together, Inc. received a generous grant in the amount of $10,000 from the Advancing a Healthier Wisconsin Endowment of the Medical College of Wisconsin to support the organization’s capacity building efforts.

FAST is Important Piece of Community School Strategy at Racine County School


FAST is a key part of a community school strategy in Racine Unified School District aimed at supporting the health and stability of families, understanding the family’s integral role on child academic success.

82% of Participating Families Graduate from Recent FAST Implementation in UK


FAST shows high retention rates among families involved in UK implementation. Moreover, FAST shows immense success at improving attendance, increasing age-appropriate skills among FAST Children and increasing and enhancing community cohesion.

Families & Schools Together, Inc. Receives Generous Grant to Expand the FAST® Program in San Antonio, Texas


June 3, 2016 – Madison, WI – Families & Schools Together, Inc. received a generous grant in the amount of $82,700 from the Humana Foundation to expand FAST®, the evidence-based parent engagement program, to two new elementary schools, in partnership

Families & Schools Together, Inc. Receives $35,000 Grant Award to Pilot the FAST® Program at One City Early Learning Centers in Madison


Families & Schools Together, Inc. receives $35,000 grant award from Madison Community Foundation to pilot FAST at One City Early Learning Centers in Madison, Wisconsin. This award will help to fund the implementation of FAST in South Madison, Wisconsin helping children to become school ready and helping parents in their efforts to support their child’s academic success.

FAST Helps Copenhagen Primary School to Flourish Once Again


FAST supports the turnaround of negative culture at Copenhagen Primary School by improving parent-school, parent-parent and peer relationships. With the support of FAST, school parents improved their relationship with one another, school leaders forged relationships with families and bullying decreased.

Parents and Children Learn and Play Together through FAST Randomized Control Trial in UK


The Education Endowment Foundation, and the National Foundation for Education Research fund a Randomized Control Trial researching the impact of FAST. Meanwhile, community partners, school leaders, parents and governors rally together to implement FAST with palpable enthusiasm.

FAST at Onaga Elementary School: A Case study on how to engage parents & create a vibrant school community.


A case study detailing how FAST in transforms a school community in rural Kansas. Read how Onaga Elementary school empowers parents to be partners in the education of its students.

The Family Center CEO, and a provider of FAST takes the spotlight for dedicating her life to helping families


Monique Turner-Lopez, CEO of The Family Center in Columbus, Georgia is interviewed about her extensive work in helping families in the U.S. and around the world. Mrs. Turner-Lopez addresses her work in implementing the FAST Program over the years and her desire to expand FAST into new schools in the area.

Madison-based Parent Engagement Non-profit Expands Talented Team


Families and Schools Together, Inc. announces the addition of i3 Project Director Shanna Dean to its expanding team. In this role, Dean will oversee in the i3 Project where FAST is being implemented to reduce critical barriers to school success and help improve early learning within the school district of Philadelphia.

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