FAST in Iran


The UNODC in Iran implemented FAST with the objective of drug prevention among Iranian youth.

Sabater School celebrates Hispanic culture


Sabater Elementary School hosted a Viva la Cultura, an evening for celebrating Hispanic Culture. “The evening is a celebration of Hispanic culture,” said Valentino.

New Website Launched for WCER’s i3 Family Engagement Project in Philadelphia


WCER’s PhillyFASTi3 project, funded by a $15 million U.S. Department of Education Investing in Innovation (i3) grant, has launched a new website ( to inform parents and educators about the Families and Schools Together (FAST) program targeting 60 Philadelphia elementary

Kansas NPR covers KRR


Kansas Public Radio’s J. Schafer recently spoke with Andrew Hysull, the program director for the Kansas Reading Roadmap (KRR). The program is designed to improve the reading skills of “at risk” youth.

Berea College Youth Leader invited to meet First Lady


Julie Jent was invited to meet First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama where she participated in a roundtable discussion with the First Lady as part of the Reach Higher Initiative. Partners for Education at Berea College was invited to

Afterschool Program Reduces Mobility Among Some Families


July 2014-  An afterschool program for children and families was found to substantially reduce the school mobility of Black students who otherwise were especially likely to change schools. Improved relationships among families help explain this finding. High rates of student

Children, Families, and Schools Project


Unequal development among children from different racial and ethnic groups is a pervasive feature of U.S. society. Differences in social and cognitive characteristics are evident among children before they enter formal schooling and these increase over the years. Material sources

Working to Turn Around Schools in Philadelphia


The Families and Schools Together (FAST) project designs and distributes research-validated programs to help connect parents to their children’s schools, with the goal of strengthening families and improving outcomes for students. Since 1988, FAST has been implemented in more than

Governor Sam Brownback announced “Reading Roadmap” Program


Kansas Governor Sam Brownback announced the Reading Roadmap initiative to improve reading proficiency among grade school children. With Families and Schools Together (FAST), the program incorporates a variety of support services to children, families, and educators. Read the press release here.

FAST Program Reduces African American Student Mobility


The Families and Schools Together (FAST) program has been shown to reduce the number of students who change schools for reasons other than grade promotion.

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