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Kids FAST™ is our elementary age program for parents and their student children (K - 5th). This widely distributed, popular program was our first model. We developed it to help parents become more involved in the lives of their children through family relationship management, improved parent-child bonding, and stimulating parental empowerment. By empowering parents to be the primary protective factors for their own family, we help make lasting changes in the structures of complete families. It works extremely well with both universal and selective approaches to enrollment.

This model provisions success in children and builds leadership and confidence, while addressing risk factors that cause underachievement.

Kids FAST is an outstanding and popular program for all grade school ages. We can help you implement it within school settings or in community sites.

This award-winning program offers two grade-level delivery options:

  • K-3rd grade children
  • 4th/5th grade children

The model is very much the same and any team trained in Kids FAST can implement either option. The activity components differ for age and development-level of the children involved. Frequently an entire grade level is invited to participate and components are customized to meet the needs of students within the same age range.

FAST is designed to be configured to meet the local needs of every community. It supports all communities regardless of ethnic heritage or social setting, or geographic placement. It works for urban, inner city, rural, and suburban families to promote positive values and achievement, while protecting kids by helping them make good choices at school and in life.

"The most powerful lessons about ethics and morality do not come from school discussions or classes...they come from family life where people treat one another with respect, consideration, and love."

Neil Kurshan U.S. rabbi, author

"I feel that the FAST Program was a great way to involve families from all ethnicities to communicate and share experiences concerning parenting, school, and social structures."

FAST Parent

Kids FAST is a wonderful experience for families of all cultures within all communities. It works exceptionally well to reach parents who are not always approachable or whenever school relationships are challenged. Parents of elementary age children often experience tremendous stress in their lives. It is remarkable how well Kids FAST can turn isolated families into engaged families that are connected to the school and community.


  • share parenting and school achievement ideas with other caring parents
  • learn ways to protect children from hazardous behaviors
  • establish roles and family management rules
  • find help for your specific needs
  • connect with parents, schools, faith organizations, and community services
  • a great way to find confidential and professional assistance if you ever need it


  • acquire good habits and family roles
  • reduce stress and environmental risks
  • find ways to get help with school work
  • stay off drugs and away from threatening behaviors in school
  • grow safely and stay healthy


  • reach and involve hard to reach parents at an early stage
  • show parents the services you can provide to meet their needs
  • take the first steps to reach those who need your leadership and help
  • improve school management and help control the climate of learning
  • reduce delinquency and increase respect for your function

Law Enforcement:

  • reduce in-home violence and stress
  • builds neighborhood support relationships between young parents
  • connects with whole families, not just the kids through school-sponsored programs

Health Care, Mental Health practitioners:

  • helps lead a powerful forum for change and prevention
  • keeps young children safe and healthy
  • adds a valuable model to your service portfolio (providers)
  • adds valuable skills to your organization (providers)
  • attract funding and awareness (providers)
  • meaningful collaboration with community
  • gain referrals (providers)


  • practical, well-supported, recognized program that you can really get behind
  • low risk, highly visible results
  • low cost-per-family served
  • multidisciplinary, holistic approach
  • every site and participant is evaluated
  • builds community social capital

How can I learn more about starting a FAST program?

Kids FAST consistently delivers the following outcomes:

  • Parent and family drug and alcohol avoidance
  • Reduced and avoided instances of family conflict, aggression, neglect or abuse
  • Improved family cohesion and support for childhood learning
  • Imposition of impulse control and improved judgment skills for moms and dads
  • Alignment of family responsibilities and accountability within parenting roles
  • Parents develop trusting relationship with community social capital and become aware of services that they can access as needed
  • Parents support each other as needed and reunite monthly to share learning and personal growth
  • Parents learn values of commitment to the child and respect for their role in coaching kids
  • Reduced stress and improved coping skills
  • Increased accountability to parents
  • Increased responsiveness at school
  • Reduced interest in external influences of unhealthy behaviors
  • Reduced exposure to aggression and conflict
  • Increased understanding of rules and norms
  • Improved self esteem; refusal skills
Kids FAST- Kids outside

"In the 1940s a survey listed the top seven discipline problems in public schools: talking, chewing gum, making noise, running in the halls, getting out of turn in line, wearing improper clothes, not putting paper in wastebaskets. A 1980s survey lists these top seven: drug abuse, alcohol abuse, pregnancy, suicide, rape, robbery, assault. (Arson, gang warfare and venereal disease are also-rans.)"

George F Will, author, commentator

How can I learn more about starting a FAST program?

Program components include:

Family pride and Unity project: Flag Building
Family pride and Unity project: Flag Building
  • Family unit strengthening:
    • At-home: family meal cooking
    • Family unit bonding and pride exercise
    • Welcome & special introductions
    • Meal time, personal service, parent-child bond
    • Music, singing & stress reduction
    • Parent-led expression - emotion quotient exercises
  • Parent-Child
    • Undirected play-communications (K-3rd grade)
    • Family unity and strengthening game (4th/5th grade)
  • Kids/Youth and Siblings
    • FAST Kids Club
  • Peer time
    • Counseled parent group session
    • Structured Kids peer & family activities
    • Parent education, skills, risk awareness
  • Attendance incentives and reciprocity
    • Gift lottery; reward for trust;
  • Affirmations and closing routine
  • At-home activities and exercises
  • FASTWORKS 2-year mini-community interaction

How can I learn more about starting a FAST program?
Program structure:
  • Kids FAST parents enroll through outreach programs and open enrollment.
  • After being shown the program content, parents who commit to FAST meet together weekly for ten weeks.
  • Each session lasts approximately 2½ hours. Parents and kids consistently tell us they wish they could meet more often.
  • FAST programs are typically held in primary school gymnasiums or libraries, community centers, CBO facilities.
  • Program cycles conclude with graduation ceremonies.
  • After graduation, parents work together as a virtual community and meet regularly to support each other while their children grow and learn.
FAST team leaders may include:
  • Parent member (preferably FAST graduate)
  • School representative (guidance, teacher)
  • Mental health or AODA specialist
  • Law enforcement officer
  • Child advocate
  • Other community agency representative
Kids FAST - Mother and Daugter

We thoroughly train FAST teams and coach them through the process of delivering this exciting and absorbing program.

How can I learn more about starting a FAST program?

Long term evaluation data shows strong and consistently positive outcomes in graduating family functioning (2002-2007). Kids FAST delivers highly rated rankings from parents and teachers.

  • 88% of teachers report improvements in graduating student's classroom behavior!
  • Of teachers reporting improvements in graduating child's classroom behavior, 33% report excellent improvement!
  • 84% of teachers report improvements in graduating student's academic performance!
  • Of teachers reporting improvements in target child's academic performance, 32% report EXCELLENT improvement!
  • 48% of teachers of graduating students report that the FAST program was HIGHLY beneficial to them
  • 27% of teachers noticed an increase in parental involvement in FAST graduate's homework (within two months after graduation)

How can I learn more about starting a FAST program?

Our programs are 100% evaluated, resulting in strong evidence that our program objectives are consistently met. Because our approach is uniquely multidisciplinary, FAST delivers results in children, parents and siblings in ways that offer the best chance for children to receive the attention they need to thrive, even in challenging environments.

Child with craft turkey
  • Parent Involvement in child's education (FST scholastic)
  • Child's Strengths and Difficulties (FST scholastic)
  • Child, Family, Environment change (FST scholastic)
  • Self evaluation (FST QA: all cycles)
  • Trainer evaluation (FST QA: new sites & teams)
  • Social Relationships Questionnaire (McDonald, et al, 2002)
  • Social Support (Sherbourne & Stewart, 1991)
  • Parent Involvement in School (Epstein & Salinas, 1993)
  • Family Environment Scale (Moos & Moos, 1986)
  • Parenting Style (Spoth, 1995)
  • Self-Efficacy Scale (Sherer, et al., 1983)
  • Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (Goodman, 1997)
  • Substance Use Questionnaire (Brown, et al., 1997)
  • Family demographics

How can I learn more about starting a FAST program?
Description Cost
Training, per team* $5,045
Evaluation report, per cycle:  
First Cycle $1,000
Subsequent Cycles
(includes licensing & registration)
Technical Support see Client Services Representative for free, customized detailed budget
Staff Time see Client Services Representative for free, customized detailed budget
Activity costs see Client Services Representative for free, customized detailed budget
Training travel see Client Services Representative for free, customized detailed budget
Teacher curriculum cost None! Our program is extracurricular

* Curriculum included for reuse in licensed sites only.

^ Can be same semester, different sites, or different semesters, same site.

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