Certified FAST® Trainers are a select group of people who teach organizations, schools and communities how to implement FAST effectively. Essentially, our Trainers take FAST® to the world – equipping newly formed FAST Teams to apply proven approaches that strengthen families and transform children’s lives.

Become a Certified FAST® Trainer in six steps:

  1. Serve as a FAST Team Member for an 8-week FAST Cycle.
  2. Complete a FAST Trainer Intern Application and submit to Families & Schools Together, Inc.
  3. Attend the FAST Training of Trainers, a 5-day comprehensive, hands-on preparation event.
  4. Within one year of attending the training conference, complete an internship under the mentorship of a Certified FAST Trainer Supervisor. During your internship, you will guide and evaluate a FAST Team as its members prepare and run a FAST Cycle.
  5. Upon completion of the FAST Cycle, fulfill the training requirements and submit a letter of recommendation from your Certified FAST Trainer Supervisor to Families & Schools Together, Inc.
  6. Receive certification from Families & Schools Together, Inc., qualifying you to prepare new Teams to run FAST efficiently and with fidelity to the program’s research, practices and principles. Trainers are required to re-certify every 3 years (in the third year of their certification) to ensure that they prepare Teams using the latest, most effective techniques for implementing FAST.

Each step in the certification process is important for developing Trainers who are effective teachers of FAST’s foundations and evidence-based practices, and can monitor the Teams’ progress to help them maintain program fidelity. The result: Each Trainer becomes a skilled coach who mentors and motivates Teams to ensure that every family gains maximum benefit from FAST.

Agency-Sponsored Trainers: A Valuable Local Resource

We are pleased to offer agencies and schools the opportunity to develop local Certified FAST Trainers authorized by Families & Schools Together, Inc. to conduct training sessions on behalf of your organization. Most individuals complete this process in one school year or over a 9- to 12-month period. Agency-sponsored Trainers are a tremendous asset in sustaining and expanding FAST in your community, allowing you to apply efficient internal resources to grow the program.


Certified FAST Trainers

“It feels important to connect with FAST [Trainers]…just as a reminder that we’re part of a very important international movement to bring parents back into the schools. That part in itself was truly the most powerful for me.” – Certified FAST® Trainer, June 2013


To learn more about becoming a Certified FAST Trainer, please send us an email or call 888.629.2481.