FAST® (Families & Schools Together) includes the structure and support to sustain and strengthen healthy behaviors and supportive relationships through FASTWORKS®.

After families graduate from the initial 8-week FAST Cycle of multi-family sessions, they continue to gather at monthly FASTWORKS meetings that continue for two years or more. These meetings are organized and led by FAST Parent Graduates, providing a supportive environment where families can practice the positive skills they learned during the first 8 weeks of the program and have a forum for working together to reach shared goals.

FASTWORKS® is designed to:

  • unite families and schools to help students succeed;
  • empower parents, teachers, children and families;
  • enhance a sense of community; and
  • provide a network of knowledge, skills and understanding.

By taking responsibility for FASTWORKS, parents experience their ability to act as advocates for themselves and their children, and as leaders in their community and school. FASTWORKS, according to many FAST Parent Graduates, is where they’re able to really work to make their hopes and dreams become realities. Learn more about FAST Program Structure.


See more FASTWORKS® from around the world in the gallery below:

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