Significant changes to FAST Office operations, effective Feb. 15th

February 11, 2021

Effective Feb. 15, 2021, the FAST Office and international headquarters of Families & Schools Together – formerly located at 2801 International Lane, Suite 212, Madison, WI – officially closed, and staff have transitioned to full-time remote work from home.

Significant changes to the FAST Office’s operations include:

  • PHONE NUMBER: You can leave a message for FAST by calling (608) 663-2382. There are no employee extension numbers.
  • TOLL-FREE NUMBER: FAST no longer has a toll-free number.
  • FAX NUMBER: FAST no longer has a fax number.
  • ADDRESS: FAST remains based in Madison, WI, but no longer has an official office address. We are currently seeking a temporary office space.
  • ACTIVITY MATERIALS: FAST continues to offer Family Flag bases and poles, Feeling Charades cards, and the Family Connections (middle school) board game, as well as FAST gear, for purchase.
  • SHIPPING: Please consider additional time will be needed to obtain purchased items from storage before shipping.
  • SURVEYS: FAST is no longer printing, mailing, or utilizing paper surveys. All surveys must be completed online.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate this transition. Please contact us with any questions.

Last updated 2/24/22.