Bringing the benefits of FAST® to the world

Certified FAST Trainers are a select group of dedicated, highly trained people who bring the benefits of FAST to families in 20 countries around the world. In their roles as Trainers, they educate, coach and inspire FAST Teams to help children thrive and families flourish – no matter what their ethnicity, culture, language or socio-economic situation may be.

Being a Certified FAST Trainer is a labor of love that requires rigorous training and commitment to making certain the program is run with fidelity to its research foundation and proven evidence-based practices. We appreciate and commend the efforts of our Trainers to assure that children, families, schools and communities gain all the benefits that FAST is designed to deliver.

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Certified FAST Trainers

“It feels important to connect with FAST fellow…just as a reminder that we’re part of a very important international movement to bring parents back into the schools. That part in itself was truly the most powerful for me.”

Certified FAST® Trainer, June 2013