FAST Program Resources

The FAST Brochure offers a brief overview of the program. Click here to view/download the FAST Brochure.

The FAST Logic Model helps to visually explain how FAST works and what is required to achieve positive change. The information on the left demonstrates how inputs and activities included as part of the FAST Program lead to short, intermediate, and long-term outcomes (listed on the right) for participants and communities served.

Click here to view/download a PDF of the FAST Logic Model.

Applying the FAST Logic Model:

  • Helps outline how FAST achieves positive outcomes to stakeholders including school principals, administrators and social service agency leaders
  • Provides funders, who are increasingly interested in program activities and associated outcomes a visual outline of activities and results
  • As a tool to review the implementation process (during or after implementation), to facilitate discussion and to ensure that FAST is implemented to the highest fidelity
  • Provides a visual map for Team Members to efficiently demonstrate how FAST functions in theory, and how program activities ultimately lead to positive program outcomes

FAST Institute Resources

Families & Schools Together is offering virtual Institute sessions for this upcoming, 2022-23 school year. If you are interested in signing up to host a virtual session for your school staff or if you are an individual interested in attending an open workshop, please contact us.

You can find more details about the FAST Institute here.

The FAST Institute Scope and Sequence provides more detail on each of the session topics available.