Building on 30 years of the evidence-based family engagement program, the FAST® Institute of Family Engagement trains school staff to partner with families in support of children’s education and well-being. By blending best practices in teacher training and family and community engagement into interactive, whole-school workshops and ongoing coaching, the FAST Institute helps schools to create a more welcoming environment for families of all racial, cultural, linguistic, and socioeconomic backgrounds. When schools and families are collaborating as partners, families feel empowered to advocate for their children and academic achievement among children increases.


What will the FAST Institute of Family Engagement do?

  • Support schools to identify and address barriers to Family Engagement (e.g., transportation, child care, family availability)
  • Facilitate a mindset shift within schools to fully embrace the importance of Family Engagement
  • Guide school teams to engage families in culturally diverse settings, bridge racial, class, and cultural differences, and reduce disparities  among socially excluded groups
  • Help schools develop strong Family Engagement teams and Parent Leadership Teams by increasing family empowerment

FAST Institute Partners

Forest Home Avenue School (Milwaukee Public Schools)
Milwaukee Environmental Sciences Academy
Wisconsin Education Association Council







Racine Unified School District

Upcoming Events/Training

  • There are no events planned at this time.

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