Program Overview

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we developed FAST at Home, a new program based on and built from the principles and values of the traditional FAST Program, but designed to be run in a virtual or at-home setting. 

Recognizing that access to technology and internet would vary from community to community, FAST at Home does not require the use of computer or internet technology, but instead can be conducted with materials dropped off to families and weekly phone calls.

Because families are much more isolated than usual, and because families are staying home in order to keep one another safe, the biggest focus of the program is to provide tools families can use at home to help support positive family interactions, reducing conflict and increasing cohesion. 

Weekly connection with the FAST Team and other families (if technology is available) will help reduce parental isolation by providing social and emotional support to parents and families, will increase connection between families and the school during (for most schools) virtual learning, and will facilitate referrals for families to needed community resources.

FAST at Home vs. Traditional FAST

So how does FAST at Home differ from the traditional FAST Program?

FAST at Home

Traditional FAST

Who runs the program?

The FAST Team – made up of parents, school staff, mental Health and other community professionals, and youth (for Middle, High)

The FAST Team – made up of parents, school staff, mental Health and other community professionals, and youth (for Middle, High)

How long is the program?

The program is 8 weeks long; the Team must make connections with the families 1x per week (6 weeks required to graduate)

The program varies in length for the different levels; elementary and high school are 8 weeks, middle is 10 weeks (6 weeks required to graduate)

Where is the program held?

The program can be hosted on a video platform (Zoom, Skype, Google, Facebook, etc.) or can be done via weekly phone calls

The program is hosted at a school or community organization

What do activities look like?

If tech is accessible, some activities may be done as a group on a video platform, otherwise, activities are conducted by the family together in the home

Activities are done together in person at the school/community org.; 10-15 families gather together to participate in family-focused activities, peer group activities, one-on-one parent/child activities, and whole-group activities

FAST Levels

FAST at Home is available for all levels of the FAST Program.

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