Trainer Certification

Certified FAST Trainers are a select group of people who teach organizations, schools, and communities how to implement FAST effectively. Trainers take FAST to the world – equipping newly formed FAST Teams to apply proven approaches that strengthen families and transform children’s lives. Learn more.

Training of Trainers

The FAST Training of Trainers is an annual 5-day, comprehensive, hands-on preparation event which fulfills the Pre-Certification requirement for prospective FAST Trainers, as well as Re-Certification (every 3 years) or 2nd Certification for current Trainers. Sponsored Trainer development is also available. Learn more.

Note: The page is updated periodically. 

Specialized Trainings

Families & Schools Together offers FAST Specialized Trainings for Providers both during the initial training cycle and throughout subsequent cycles. We offer several content-specific trainings for FAST Team Members designed to enhance your program’s effectiveness. Learn more.

Evaluation & Services Package

Receive ongoing support from Families & Schools Together to simplify your subsequent FAST Cycle with the FAST Evaluation & Services Package. Learn more.