Families & Schools Together has launched a new survey and evaluation program for FAST® – Elementary School Level. Surveys are shorter and delivered online. The evaluation report has been redesigned to be more accessible to teams, funders, and stakeholders. Resources available through the links on this page explain and support the new survey administration process. If you are interested in learning more about the new online surveys, please contact us.

Required Paperwork for FAST (traditional/in-person)

  • Cycle Request Form 2022 [Word][PDF]
  • FAST Code Key (for Elementary and Early Childhood levels) [Word][PDF]
  • Cycle Request Form – FAST Australia [Word][PDF]

Required Paperwork for FAST at Home

Optional Documents

  • Weekly Team Sign-In Sheet [PDF]
  • Family Sign-In Sheet [PDF]
  • Family ID Cards [PDF]
  • Student Key for Teachers [U.S.][AUS]
  • Media Release 2020 [Word]
  • FAST at Home Implementation Review [PDF]

FAST Evaluation Tips

  • Increase Family Responses [PDF]
  • Low Data Evaluation Report [PDF]
  • Low Graduation Rate [PDF]