The science of brain physiology and development has advanced significantly in recent years as we have gained a clearer understanding of the impact of early life experiences on a child’s ability to learn, develop healthy relationships, and eventually lead a productive, fulfilling life.

Brain research helps us understand why and how children’s early experiences greatly influence their lifelong capabilities and behaviors. The brain develops in a “use it or lose it” fashion: babies are born with some 200 billion neurons in the brain, while adults typically have only 80 billion neurons left. This “pruning” of neurons occurs at specific phases throughout childhood when unused neural networks are cleared away, while robust, active networks are preserved.

Strong neural networks form with repetition and emotional intensity, so growing up in a nurturing, supportive environment can actually shape the brain for future mental and emotional health.

FAST® is designed to provide repeated, emotionally engaging experiences for children and parents that strengthen the love, respect and support within families. In essence, FAST builds the healthy family bonds that help build healthy brains.

(Piaget, Erickson, Freud, ongoing)

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