When people are connected to neighbors and friends, they become accountable to each other and depend upon one another as a base of mutual support. FAST® systematically builds these connections by involving families in evidence-based practices that build understanding, trust and the willingness to give and receive assistance. FAST engages families in their children’s education and builds bonds between parents and schools that result in increased parental involvement. In addition, if special circumstances arise for families, FAST helps them gain access to the community services they need to make progress and create success.

A FAST Team Member and FAST Family have fun during closing circle

The relationships and behaviors established during the initial 8-week phase of FAST are sustained and strengthened by participation in FASTWORKS®, the subsequent two-year series of monthly meetings. FASTWORKS places responsibility for the program in the hands of FAST Graduate Parents, giving them the opportunity to build stronger community bonds while honing their leadership and parenting skills.

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