Parent empowerment is a core concept of the FAST® Program, as is the conviction that parents are capable of being the primary teachers and nurturers for their own children.

Based on this underlying respect for the parent role, FAST strives to build trusting relationships with parents that enable the FAST Team to help parents build protective factors around their children. Through experience and subtle coaching, newly empowered parents gain the skills and confidence they need to guide and motivate their children  while reducing conflict. In turn, their children feel empowered and secure, which enhances their ability to do well in school and in relationships.

With these basics in place, parents can impart values and rules that help their children grow and thrive. As problems and stresses occur, a strong bond of love and respect  helps parents and children cope more effectively and make positive decisions together.

Along with this empowerment foundation, FAST espouses the concept that schools should be welcoming to all families, and that policies and practices of organizations should always support and include parents to enhance the parent-child relationship.