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Is a nonprofit agency that designs and distributes family strengthening and parent involvement programs to help kids succeed in school and in life. FAST, Our award-winning programs help families all across the world improve parenting skills and connect families to their schools. Though FAST was founded in the US, it brings together local support resources to build protective factors around kids which has allowed for the FAST program to run successfully in 46 states and thirteen countries, which are Australia , Austria , Canada , England , Germany , Kazakstan , Russia , Netherlands , Northern Ireland , Scotland , Tajikistan , United States , Wales . We are dedicated to helping parents safeguard their families and provision their children for success. As kids of all ages and races, from all different countries, cultures, and walks of life face many obstacles, the FAST program offers adaptability in order to serve all populations. We want to help you - keep your children safe, smart and prepared for life's challenges.


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FAST is a social work program that is evidence based and values based

FAST was founded by Dr. Lynn McDonald, professor of social work, as a package which could be implemented by parents working alongside professionals to increase child well being, parent involvement in school, and social capital. FAST is recognized for its ability to engage parents. 80% of parents that come once graduate and are empowered to run their monthly meetings FAST is based on community organizing strategies. Title 1 funds may be used to support FAST if the needs determined by the school include strengthening connections between families and the school


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Community and School Collaboration FAST

FAST providers Community and School Collaboration of Costa Mesa, California share their FAST successes from Winter 2010.