Nurturing the inherent potential of every child by uniting families, schools, and communities

Together, we can build stronger families.

For Children & Families

The FAST® Program is an internationally acclaimed family engagement program that empowers parents and supports the relationship-building necessary for children to thrive. By applying research and evidence-based family therapy practices, this program promotes the full potential of every child.

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For Schools & Educators

The FAST® Institute of Family Engagement trains school staff to partner with families in support of children’s education and well-being. By blending best practices in teacher training and family and community engagement, sessions help schools create a welcoming environment for all families.

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For Providers & Members

In addition to training and services provided by the FAST Office, we are expanding support for program providers and “members” by developing a resource library to streamline access to resources, materials, and paperwork related to their program(s) and family engagement interests.

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FAST was one of the first prevention and early intervention programs to develop practical applications for adult and children’s mental health research findings. Today, our organization continues to evolve and improve our work in family engagement by integrating new scientific findings and research into our programs. LEARN MORE

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