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  • At the Indian Community School of Milwaukee, FAST helps build trust between families and the school

    “It is not just the school staff who is educating the students, but also, crucially, the parents, the families, and the community.” Shelly Cornelius, Social Worker and FAST Team Member Indian Community School of Milwaukee (ICS) has been educating American Indian students in the Milwaukee area for nearly 50 years with a mission to “cultivate an enduring… READ MORE →

  • A focus on family and youth mental health in Lyons Township, Illinois

    The Lyons Township Mental Health Commission, established in 1972, is a local planning and funding body “working to enhance community services for persons with mental illness, developmental disabilities, and substance abuse problems.” Enabling residents to lead more productive and fulfilling lives, the commission promotes coordinated mental health services through local, community-based organizations. In partnership, Pillars,… READ MORE →

  • Partners for Education improves educational outcomes in rural communities

    “FAST helps parents become leaders in their home so that they can become leaders in the school as well.” Grace McKenzie, Associate Director of Family Partnership at Partners for Education Founded in 1995 by Dreama Gentry, Partners for Education at Berea College works to improve educational outcomes for nearly 40,000 young people, and their families across 54… READ MORE →

  • Creating lasting community in San Antonio

    Family Service Association of San Antonio has been a fixture in the community for 114 years. Established in 1903, Family Service has been providing financial assistance to families struggling with poverty and in need of support. Guided by its mission to “empower individuals and families to transform their lives and strengthen their community,” Family Service offers… READ MORE →

  • Kansas Reading Roadmap: FAST at Chetopa Elementary

    Fifty-one schools in the state of Kansas are taking part of the Kansas Reading Roadmap (KRR) initiative, the goal of which is achieving reading proficiency for every student by grade three. Though united under a common goal, each participating Kansas school, including Chetopa Elementary in Chetopa, Kansas, has unique challenges. Phyllis Ross, a retired teacher with 37 years’… READ MORE →

  • Kansas Reading Roadmap: FAST at Onaga Elementary

    Whether in a public, private or home school environment, community is at the heart of education and plays a transformative role in the lives of students. While teachers play an integral role in leading a student to academic success, parents are the driving force that continually support and encourage their children to succeed beyond the classroom. Research… READ MORE →

  • Meet the Founder: Dr. Lynn McDonald

    Dr. Lynn McDonald is the creator of the internationally acclaimed family engagement program FAST® and the founder of the non-profit organization Families & Schools Together. Throughout a career that spans more than 40 years, Dr. McDonald has worked tirelessly to improve the well-being of children and families around the world using scientific research to build… READ MORE →