FAST to participate in national Families and Fathers Conference next week

Families & Schools Together is participating in the 23rd Annual Families and Fathers Conference, hosted by the Fathers & Families Coalition of America (FFCA). The hybrid in-person and virtual event will take place in Los Angeles on March 8-11, 2022.

“Fathers and Families Coalition of America is about finding a cause bigger than self and being the difference in the world. The difference can be seen in parents, families, professionals, and providers who strive for excellence through their passions. We are so much greater when we work together,” said FFCA President and CEO Dr. James C. Rodríguez. “The conference unites us all and provides a platform for shared learning, networking and strategy building for greater impact in the lives of children and families. Every day is a gift; and each person is a gift.”

Research has shown that when fathers are engaged in their children’s education, their children learn more, perform better, and show healthier behavior. For example, preschoolers with fathers engaged in their education have been shown to have stronger verbal skills than children with less involved fathers; and when fathers are not engaged, children are more likely to repeat a grade or drop out of school.

Since 2010, Families & Schools Together has championed the FFCA as an original affiliate of their global network of organizations. According to the FFCA website, affiliate members “represent the very best of fatherhood and family practitioners from diverse professions.”

“FAST and FFCA are a natural fit—at the core of our work is a shared mission to help children and families thrive by building protective factors and supporting those who work most closely with parents and caregivers to empower the parents they serve, particularly fathers,” said FAST Executive Director and CEO Toni Rivera, who also serves as the affiliate leader of the FFCA’s Great Lakes Region. “The relationship between our organizations has never been stronger, and we are excited to be returning for this year’s conference to discuss, contribute to, and learn more about this vital work.”

Families & Schools Together will be leading two interactive workshops at the conference: “Family Engagement Strategies in the COVID Era” on March 10th (Thursday) from 3:30-4:45 p.m. and “Families as Collaborators in Early Childhood Education” on March 11th (Friday) from 3:15-4:30 p.m. (all times PST). Executive Director Toni Rivera is also a featured speaker for the all-day, three-part Education Roundtable Series on March 9th (Wednesday) discussing disparities in education and engaging parents in and out of the classroom.

The conference will be held at Hilton Los Angeles Airport, with all in-person sessions streamed live online for virtual participants via a designated platform. Learn more about FFCA, the conference, and register to attend in person or virtually at: